Coronavirus Information

Last Updated: March 2021

The nursery is open as usual.

Social distancing guidelines are being followed, as well as strong hygiene routines.

- Markings are outside for parents to social distance when dropping off and picking up children, we understand that this may cause the process to take a little longer than normal but we will try our best to make this as easy as possible.

We request you wear a face mask at all times for the safety of others and staff.


- Staff will be wearing shields or masks inside the nursery.

- For the time being no visitors are allowed inside the building, without prior appointment.

- Resources are regularly cleaned & switched around, meaning lots of fun & exploring is still available for all the children.

When the weather is nice we are spending as much time as possible outside in the open.

We will be updating our facebook page and tapestry with lots of photos of the fun we have been getting up to.

For any families that have made the choice to not return we are still available to contact at any point via email or phone.